• 2016 Carnoustie, Scotland

    Happy Hickory Golfers

    The Society of Happy Hickory Golfers

    Our goal is to spread the joy of hickory golf and vintage fashion. To offer a way for us all to expand our skills, knowledge and enjoyment of golf. Whether it be a fun game with friends or a competitive event. Most of all we hope to expand our group of friends and enjoy the social side of hickory golf.

    Please join us one day and let’s play some hickory golf. You meet many nice people playing hickory golf, laughing at the poor shots and celebrating the good shots.

    • First invitation to all hickory golf events
    • Discounted price for vintage golf balls
    • A way to meet other hickory golfers living near you
    • A unique range of ‘Happy Hickory Golfers’ branded items




    Our story is that we like the golden era of the 1920s when Britain was producing exquisite handcrafted products for sports, travel, leisure and fashion.
    We brought a few sets of hickory clubs to Karuizawa and started playing regular games with a small group of friends.  This led to a few events and eventually a larger group of friends who named themselves ‘The Happy Hickory Golfers’.
    This group enjoys the golf and fashion of 100 years ago; as it captures the golden golfing era of craftsmanship, style, glamour and romance.
    While playing hickory golf, we also met a few Scottish firms that are passionate to retain the traditional skills of hickory club making and vintage fashion.