If you have your own hickory golf clubs, you can play on any course in Japan.  The best courses to play are the classic courses, where the bunkers are driving distance from the tee box and you must use the shape of the course to bump and run your approach shots onto the green.

Playing a classic course with clubs designed in the same era, re-introduces the ‘feel’ of the swing back to the game.  It brings the trickier classic courses back to life and allows you to play them the way they were designed to be played.

There are many ways for first time hickory golf players to try hickory golf.  You can join a hickory golf events, or visit a golf course that offers a hickory golf rental package.  The event and golf course rental packages include the hickory golf rental set, balls and greens fees.

An alternative is you can rent hickory golf sets directly from us (Cuthbert & Co) and play on your favourite golf course, or rent a few sets and make your own hickory golf event.

For the more competitive golfers, you can join the Japan Hickory Open events.  You can also join competitive events overseas – such as the annual World Hickory Open in Scotland.  We take a group of golfer friends to the World Hickory Open every year.

The above options are explained in the links below.   If you have any questions, please give us a call at 0267-42-4413.