It’s not about the score; it’s about friendship

Hickory golf has attracted a wide range of players who enjoy the natural feel of the golf clubs and the glamour and romance of the fashion.
The better golfers say they play hickory because it helps improve their regular golf game. They say that the simplicity of the wooden shafted clubs encourages them to work on their tempo and find re-discover a natural rhythm to their swing. Playing with only four irons encourages them to practice their swing weight and be more creative with their shots.
Other golfers play for the fun and social side of hickory golf. The fact that you are stepping back in time encourages you to dress up in vintage fashion and enjoy the overall experience. The fact that you are playing with wooden shafts takes the focus away from your score and more on the people you are playing with. Most golfers encourage each other to play well; they laugh together when they hit a bad shot and celebrate together when they hit a good shot.
Everyone will hit one or two great shots when they play hickory golf; the sound and feel of a pure strike with a hickory club is a feeling you will remember for a long time.
You will find that most hickory golfers have a keen interest in increasing their knowledge of golf. They want to know more about the people who designed the courses, the people who made the early clubs and balls, the colourful personalities of the players and the elegant fashion on the golf links. They are curious to know more about the people they are playing with.
When we play at events we use a points system to mark our scorecards. It is 1 point for a bogey, 2 for a par, and 3 for a birdie. We don’t mark anything above a bogey, we just put a ‘smiley’ mark on the card.
It’s not about the score; it’s about friendship.